About Athena Agreements

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Athena Agreements is a strategic negotiation and conflict resolution company. We lend a helping hand to clients seeking agreement.

Our Origins

Athena Agreements’ founder Deborah M. Osborne is a certified negotiation and conflict resolution expert with 20+ years experience and over 500 cases under her belt. She pioneered the successful adoption of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tools proactively for business, organizational and environmental conflicts in intergovernmental, intercultural, legal and regulatory contexts. 

She’s mediated commercial disputes involving Fortune 500 companies, Native Americans and Native Alaskans, environmental and other interest groups and legal matters in the court. Deborah consults with federal, state and local agencies on ADR tools to reduce conflict and set them up for success. She advises commercial industries and global investment and acquisition firms on sound negotiation and communication strategies, model corporate behavior to maintain good public relations and competitive advantage and best practices to avoid poor decisions and lawsuits.

She’s co-led projects with the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Institute and the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. Her earlier career in anthropology studying early humans and conducting archaeological and cross-cultural fieldwork on four continents informs her thinking as a neutral. She understands universal traits unique to our species that make us successful in difficult negotiations and conflict situations when we tap into them and adheres to them in her conflict resolution practice. Her forthcoming book addresses these traits and acquired skills that set people up for success in a comprehensive framework.

Our Expertise

Our company delivers negotiation and conflict resolution services so clients strike win-win deals and flourish in their business and partnerships. They avoid impasse, expensive litigation, and irreparable harm to their businesses turning foes into partners.

We’re certified experts in commercial, workplace and court mediation, conflict coaching, facilitation, interest-based negotiation and training. Winning at what you need without formal action matters to us and probably to you. We’ve got the crown jewels in our toolbox to assist you.

We also equip workforces and groups with diagnostic assessments to enhance teamwork to accomplish goals and make the exercises fun because life is too short! We’re a resource for institutional change for internal and externally facing conflicts with customers and others.


Create optimal resolutions that satisfy the interests of all parties and ensure inclusivity in decision-making and agreements.


Bring people techniques that address their concerns without fighting and foster a world of partnerships.


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