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Negotiation Toolkit​

Stuck? At impasse?

We help you determine what you need from others and help you achieve it. We believe in winning at what you need! Don’t settle for less. Negotiate on your terms, not only theirs and create more value for yourself. Take charge of your destiny in dealmaking with Athena Agreements by your side. We help you tango in negotiations so they become easier.

In our book, “Negotiation is personal, not just business.” 

We are expert at getting people to “Yes.”

Mediation-ADR Toolkit

Got conflict? Mediate, don’t litigate.

Don’t fan the fires. Let us help you put them out and, the earlier the better! We turn conflict on its head. As neutral process experts we guide parties to identify their problems that require joint resolution and decide for themselves on the agreement that achieves their interests best throughout the mediation or other ADR process. We’ll be at everyone’s side when the parties craft their win-win agreement in principle or full and help them ensure it’s durable. 

Thrive in your business and partnerships. Mediate the tough stuff.

Conflict and Negotiation Coaching

Worried? Got stress?

Can’t seal a deal after trying hard? All relationships and negotiations aren’t easy. Other people and even social media blitzes today influence our outcome for better or worse. It’s a reality—we’re complex human beings. Athena Agreements serves in one of two ways: a one-one conflict coach or a negotiation coach. A conflict coach that serves as a sounding board may be all you need to manage anger and improve how you engage with others on your own. A negotiation expert that is one step removed from the emotion and vested interest in the deal may be all you need to pivot and land the deal successfully.

Workshops and Keynotes

Shhh! Not the best at your game?

We’re passionate about skill-building because our tools work. We want you to move mountains! Provide us your wish list. Our toolbox is equipped with toolkits for negotiation, communication and engagement and conflict resolution that set you up for success. We understand how adults learn and incorporate a combination of lecture, role plays, exercises, monitoring and feedback in our training so it sticks. We go light on homework too. Book us for a workshop or keynote.

Mentoring and Team-Building

Need a trusted advisor?

We prepare leaders, decision-makers, legal counsel and professional colleagues in the fields of negotiation and conflict resolution with resources to succeed with finesse at navigating challenges in their role.


Want change? Tell us more.

We are expert strategists when it comes to “people doing better together” using an informal and non-threatening approach to conflict prevention, management and resolution. After all, happy workforces, corporate decision-makers and customers build brand loyalty positively affecting performance and mission accomplishment, employee retention, financial investment, sales and your bottomline. With your permission, we’ll conduct anthropological fieldwork onsite and design a systems approach for informal dispute resolution that works for everyone. Your time is better spent on running a prosperous business without negativity and distraction. Leave addressing conflict constructively to us. Let’s talk.

Customer Service

Who’s minding your store?

We understand that our clients are not only are measured by their bottomline, but how well they deliver for customers. Unsatisfied and disgruntled persons can do us harm. Today, it only takes nanoseconds for social media blitzes to spiral out of control putting our reputation at stake. Like it or not, people are watching our every move. Don’t find yourself in a tough spot. Be proactive, thoughtful and prepared. Invite us to review company operations to improve service delivery.

Stakeholder Engagement

Who matters to you? Walk the talk.

Stakeholder engagement is crucial in a planning process when people’s lives are impacted. Authenticity and trust matter in stakeholder engagement processes and an outside neutral plays a huge role in earning the trust of individuals, groups and communities and conveying that truth accurately to decision-makers. Athena Agreements works diligently at facilitating outcomes that work for everyone at the local, state, national and global level because we have “no dog in the fight.” We enter the process equipped with process tools that “fit the forum to the fuss” in the words of the late Frank Sander, considered the father of ADR.

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Looking for something else?

We will customize our tools to meet your needs.

Virtual and In-Person Sessions

We’ll do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs in person, through videoconferencing or over the phone.

If it’s good for people, it’s good for business. Consult us on your next best move.

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