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Athena Agreements’ founder Deborah M. Osborne is a certified negotiation and conflict resolution expert with 20+ years of experience and over 500 cases under her belt.

Athena Agreements and GSA Wrap Up Negotiation Training Series

I’m pleased to share a recent win for my company Athena Agreements: a successful training series with the federal government.

Last summer my woman-owned small business applied for and was awarded its first competitive federal government contract.

From February through August I trained professionals in the U.S. General Services Administration Public Buildings Service (GSA PBS) on tools for:

  • Success at the negotiation table
  • Conflict prevention and resolution
  • Communicating and negotiating well with people across the spectrum of temperaments

I took advantage of the broad pool of technical, subject matter expertise in each class to ensure that the principles I taught on negotiation, conflict resolution and temperament awareness had relevance to the particulars of the work of PBS.

I coordinated with GSA subject matter experts in the development phase of the training to deliver role plays, exercises and drills designed to reinforce the skill sets in the context of the work of the PBS. I even designed an Open Lab for the training that permitted volunteers to bring cases to class for us to examine together. I enjoyed the energy in each class and the shared learning experience.

The goal I set for attendees was to advance in the way they negotiate and resolve conflict to achieve desirable win-wins with others that saved the American taxpayer money. GSA’s Request for Proposal (RFP) emphasized the latter point throughout the RFP.

Participants left the training with strategies based on the themes of the course and how to apply those strategies to the challenges they will face as they carry out the work of the agency.

I was grateful to deliver the training to an important government agency.

If you are curious about the principles of negotiation and want to know more about the work we do at Athena Agreements, visit https://AthenaAgreements.com


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