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Athena Agreements’ founder Deborah M. Osborne is a certified negotiation and conflict resolution expert with 20+ years of experience and over 500 cases under her belt.

Meditations on How to Resolve the Russia/Ukraine Conflict

I am intrigued by our human capacity to solve world problems if we connect with other people at a deep level. Often, that’s the secret sauce for addressing the most formidable negotiations. It’s how we bond and make the world a better place.

Harvard Professor James Sebinius is right on the mark to point out how five former U.S. Secretaries of State found positive ways to negotiate with Vladimir Putin. All also reached the strategic negotiator on a human level to benefit the larger good.

Professor Sebinius with colleagues has stitched together a well-constructed video and inserts calm wisdom throughout it not to give up on negotiated resolutions on the world stage.

I am a firm proponent of achieving negotiated resolutions. Research and negotiation are necessary for us to have a chance at preserving collaboration and restoring peace on a global scale.

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